If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
— John 8:31-32


A disciple is a learner, a student devoted to learning a way of life.  A Christian disciple is devoted to learning Christ Himself; thus, Christian discipleship is a process of transformative learning wherein the knowledge of Christ, through the power of the Spirit, actually transforms our outward lives to be more like our Savior.  This transformation begins as believers learn who Christ is and what He has commanded.  Then, as we grow deeper in our knowledge of Him, we strive to live purposefully in His way.  

As God’s truth radiates from inward to outward, our lives begin to look more like the pattern of Christ.  The working out of God’s truth in our lives is helped by walking alongside fellow believers who can challenge us, help us, and extend gracious accountability where needed.  As we grow together as faithful disciples of Christ, goodness and truth will naturally overflow in each of us in the church and in every area of her ministry, and we will be salt and light in the world.


Sunday school



We know the importance of good Christian friendships for our youth, so we value regular youth gatherings throughout the year by which our youth can connect, make Christian friends, and simply enjoy life together.  We also gather our youth together in Sunday School where our pastor takes the lead role in teaching the youth Sunday school class on a myriad of topics including the Bible and its message, the Christian World and Life View, how to cultivate their walk with God through Bible Study and prayer, how to share their faith, how to survive the spiritual challenges of college, and how to think through their own sense of calling/vocation to serve God as they grow into adults.

These times of togetherness are valuable for our youth, BUT one of the lynch pins of our philosophy for youth discipleship is the importance of transgenerational interaction, teamwork, and mentoring.  In our increasingly compartmentalized world, it is too easy to separate our youth into age segregated ministry groups.  We believe this does not serve our young people well, robbing them of the wisdom of the fathers, mothers, and grandparents of the congregation.  Outside of Sunday School and youth gatherings, we seek to see our youth mingle with the congregation elbow to elbow in worship, prayer, and ministry as they pursue God's glory and GROW TOGETHER.