In 1 Peter 5:2, Scripture calls elders to "shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight . . . willingly, as God would have you."  Christ Covenant is a presbyterian church.  The term "presbyterian" originates in the language of the Greek New Testament and describes a church led by elders.  Elders are elected from the congregation to shepherd the church.  We have two types of elders:  the pastor who is a full-time minister and who does most of the preaching and teaching at the church, and the ruling elders who assist him in providing executive leadership and pastoral care for the flock.  Together they form the Session.



Our Deacons oversee the logistical aspects of church leadership.  In particular, they marshall our physical and financial resources to meet the pressing needs of our congregation, our Christian brothers around us, and our neighbors in the world.  With their help, the elders are able to keep prayer and the ministry of the Word as their primary focus among the flock (Acts 6:4).





Ministry leaders are lay leaders, both male and female, who are unordained volunteer members of the congregation. They are vitally important to the ministry of our church, increasing the excellence and efficiency of our ministries in every area.  Members of our church are encouraged to serve where they can serve joyfully and in accordance with their unique God-given gifts.  We believe that God gifts His church and equips Her for ministry through the tapestry of Her people's diverse personalities and spiritual gifts.  We rejoice in the humble and joyful service of so many lay leaders in our congregation. 

Specifically, many people ask where women may serve in our church.  We believe male and female were both created in the image of God.  As Creation was "not good" when man was alone, the Church likewise requires the active presence of Godly women and will be its richest and fullest with their participation.  In short, we encourage women to serve and lead in any area that is not the ordained office of elder or deacon.